Can’t make it to EsoZone Portland? Astral project!

Frater Zir will lead a group astral projection to an EsoZone astral temple this Saturday October 10th at EsoZone at 3pm PST. Those who can’t participate in the actual event are invited to join on the astral plane.

For the purposes of this working, I have chosen to locate the EZOSONE Astral Temple (EZTRAL) inside of an orb of liquid metal, floating in the molten viscous fluid in the very center of the Earth.

Within this orb, on the horizontal axis, circumscribing the perimiter are four sphinxes, marking the quarters, facing in toward the center of the temple. Above the center of the temple is an octagonal window, thru which the night sky can be seen. In the center of the floor is an octagonal pool of black fluid, upon which we will skry the vision.

Floating above this pool is a seed pod, about the size of a basketball. Its composition is a hybrid of organic and cybernetic materials. This sentient seed could be viewed as a chaosphere, upon/into which we will be focusing our intentions and interpretations of what the ESOZONE phenomenon means, what it will foster, how it will evolve, why it exists.

The first Esozone could be iconographically described as a key, which unlocked the gateway to a more practical and interpersonally direct understanding of our modern version of the esoteric community, which until then largely existed in the virtual realms. The second, a pyramid, which allowed us to climb to meet the sky, bringing us to the understanding that the stars of this EZ phenomenon are none other than ourselves.

This year, the meaning is as much a mystery as the previous two, but the intent has evolved into a free assembly of modern esoterics connected on the virtual and organic levels, a hope for the phenomenon to spread to other locales, an uncertainty of what kind of information will be presented, by whom, and for what purposes. It is up to us, ours for the making and taking, right here and now, free of charge, open to all.

Therefore, charge this cyber-ganic EZTRAL seed with your unique intentions for the future of this far-reaching community of free individuals, and contemplate in the pool below on the manifested information which the group’s effort transmits back to you. At the ritual’s peak, we will lift the seed to the sky, and focus our intent upon it with an intensity which will heighten to the point that it explodes, sending forth genetic copies of itself outward to the far reaches of this planet, in the hopes that these seeds will find fertility, and manifest in future ESOZONE festivals in other places, linking back to our efforts here at “Headquarters,” and blossom into a cornucopia of previously unseen communal fruit.

And have a happy harvest season, while you’re at it.

And feel free to project yourself forward or backwards in time if 3pm on Saturday doesn’t work for you.


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  3. gordon docomo October 10, 2009

    anyone who happens to be reading this over the next few hours and feels they could offer up a few pointers on how i can get my projections on for the event please post some helpful comments! i’m in scotland so it’ll be around eleven at night here when the astral temple opens in realtime and i think that’s my best chance because it usually takes strong psychedelics or precog dreams for me to experience non linear time, i dont practice meditation or yoga so perhaps the dream route will suit me best if it’s applicable, im a complete nooboteric practitioner so please any wise words or transmittable thoughtforms would be much appreciated!

  4. [...] Can’t Make It to EsoZone Portland? Astral Project! [...]

  5. The Necromancer October 6, 2010

    I’m there…

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